Tea Staining Doilies For A New Fabric Painting

An old quilt top that some one sent me

As I was meditating this morning I got an idea for a fabric painting.  It’s a foggy vision, but I see it’s essence clearly.

I started by finding an old quilt top  that someone sent me and cut it to size for the ground.  It  needed a border and in my mind I saw it green and leafy.

It turned out blue rather than green, but the leaves on these fabric swatches, that Colleen sent me, were just the right size, shape and pattern.

Tea staining doilies

Then I went through my box of doilies and picked some out,  including a couple of old lace collars and crocheted lace. I still had tea bags left from the last time I tea stained doilies, so I filled up the big pot with water and brewed some tea.

The doilies are still soaking, I’ll set them in cold salt water when they’re a little darker than the color I want them to be, because some of the color always leaches out.

I’m feeling a little superstitious about this piece, meaning I don’t want to jinx it by writing about it yet.   I don’t want to think too far ahead of my process, but let it evolve more in the doing, than in my mind.


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