Thirty Second Meditation, The Pond In The Woods

It’s been such a wet spring the ponds in the woods where I walk are flourishing.  It’s been raining all day, so I put on my muck boots and rain jacket and Fate and I took a walk in the woods…

7 thoughts on “Thirty Second Meditation, The Pond In The Woods

  1. Neat.
    I’ve been wondering about your banner script. Every time I visit your blog the two y’s grab my attention. Did you make them different on purpose?
    Really enjoy your blog Maria. Thanks.

    1. The “y”s were intentional Lynn, I didn’t think anyone would really notice. But when I was writing the words, the “Y” with “My art” felt as if it were more interior, holding close to me, while the “y” with “my life” felt more open and flowing. The “y”s are like two hands, one holding and cupping the other flat and open.

  2. Thanks for the reply Maria. I’ve been wondering about that since the first time you posted ur new banner. I was betting it was intentional but didn’t grasp the intent. Can see it so clearly now. Wonderful how u make even the script of a letter art.

    1. Well it’s interesting that you noticed it and asked Lynn, I still love the way those words came out. I feel like they say just what I wanted to in the way I wrote them. That doesn’t always happen.

  3. What a beautiful spot in your woods. I love the ferns and all the different shades of green this time of year!

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