Bud, Get The Sheep


Bud after a round of “sheep herding”

“Bud, get the sheep” I called and Bud charged up to Izzy’s face, the only sheep in the pasture.  Izzy took a step back but held her ground.  Bud ran around her and she started to move, but then Bud lost interest and went looking for something to chase that was actually moving.

It was 6pm and only the donkeys and Izzy were still grazing.

Sometimes the sheep and donkeys run out of the pasture as soon as they see me coming. But other times they hold their ground, not wanting to leave even though, I know, they’ve had enough to eat.

We usually  let the animals graze twice a day for 3-4 hours.   In between they  nibble what grass is left in the barnyard or rest in the shade of the pole barn or apple tree.

I always bring Fate out when I move the animals, but as most of you know by now, she’s great at running around the sheep, but useless when it comes to moving them.

So now, sometimes, take Bud with me.

Bud doesn’t always get the job done, but he has a lot of enthusiasm is fun to watch and sometimes gets it just right, chasing the sheep out of the pasture before losing interest.

Of course I could alway just let Red out into the back yard.  Even though Red’s having a harder and harder time moving the sheep,  when there are just a few sheep, and they see Red, they’re eager to join the rest of the flock.


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