A Lint Roller Art Collaboration

Vicki’s drawings and my lint roller collaboration.

I peel the used lint tape off the roller and lay it flat between the pages of a  book in my studio, pressing it like flowers.

I’ve come to see the 4×6 pieces of tape, covered in the fuzz of fabric and lines of thread as small abstract pieces.

Each and individual, random piece of art.

I have a nice collection of them now and whenever I need one I know what to find it.  When, you might wonder, would I need a used lint roller tape?

One thing I like to do is put them on the packages I send out.  So a couple of weeks ago when I was mailing out a bunch of I Am Enough postcards I taped the lint roller tapes to the back of some envelopes.

Another kind of mail art.

I put them out into the world, but I didn’t expect to get any back.  Then Vicki, who is an artist and farmer,  emailed me and said she found  “a lot of faces in the lint roller.”

I got the lint roller tape back in yesterday’s mail.  It’s covered in drawings of the animals that Vicki found in the lines of thread.

Bunnies, birds, a chicken, fish and dogs, a collaboration, through the mail, between Vicki and me.


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