Our 14th Podcast, Love and Hope, The Week In Bedlam Farm

Sue Silverstein and the Christerer twins at Bishop Maginn School

Jon called it an Owl Scowl and I liked that.  It’s how I was feeling when we began our 14th podcast,  Love and Hope, The Week in Bedlam Farm.

I guess I was just having a grumpy morning, but half way through the podcast my spirits lifted and it may or may not be apparent to those of you who listen to it.  It’s probably a bit like my Bellydancing class, where I can go in feeling yucky  and  a few minutes into it, I start feeling better.

On this latest podcast, we talk about Sue Silverstein, a teacher,  and the kids at Bishop Maginn Catholic School, Bud herding sheep, skirting wool,  our “new” back porch and touched on the Yoni Tree fabric painting I’m working on. (I was still working out the potential “jinx” at that point)

You can listen today’s podcast here.   

And you can listen to any of our Katz and Wulf on Bedlam Farm podcasts anytime by clicking on the “Podcast” buttons on the top or bottom of my blog.  They’re also on iTunes and Google.

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