Izzy The Lone, Wandering Sheep

Izzy is definitely a different kind of sheep.  Actually in some ways, she defies the idea of the word “sheep” as “a follower.”

She’s not one to hang with the rest of the flock, just because it’s what the other sheep do, and is often out on her own, wandering the pastures.

This afternoon, when I opened the gate to the back pasture, the other sheep stayed in the pole barn, but  Izzy followed me. Then, Fate and I followed her as she wandered the animal trail to the furthest fence.

Maybe she didn’t realize she was alone, or maybe she was just ready to come back, when about 15 minutes later, I heard her calling to the other sheep who had by then left the pole barn and were grazing.

I watched as she ran back to join them.


2 thoughts on “Izzy The Lone, Wandering Sheep

    1. Most sheep have their tails docked just after they’re born. Farmers do that for sanitary reasons. We just got Izzy a few years ago and she never had her tail docked. Our Karakul sheep, Kim, also has a long tail, although not as long as Izzy’s. She’s a desert sheep and they actually store water in their tails.

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