The Ineffable Nature Of Nature

Sometimes I look at something in nature, and it’s so beautiful, I don’t know what to do about.

Last week, when I was planting my vegetable garden, the smell of the lilacs accompanied  me with each breath.  This week the lilacs are fading, but there’s a bush by the back door,  filled with little pink flowers, almost like honeysuckles, whose scent follows me into my studio.

Such beauty, fills me up in a way that makes me want to do something about it.  And sometimes I can.  I use it in my art or my writing, satisfying the urge is creates in me.

But other times there’s nothing to do.  No, words or images, no way for me to express what I’m experiencing, what I’m feeling.  And I have to accept the ineffable nature of nature.


2 thoughts on “The Ineffable Nature Of Nature

  1. I feel this at times Maria. A swelling in my heart space at how beautiful something in nature is. I just appreciate it so much, am grateful for the beauty and the feeling it gives.

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