Mystics In Bedlam, Our New Podcast

As Jon and I were making our latest podcast, Mystics in Bedlam, we got the new logo for the podcast that our friend, the artist, Abrah Griggs made. (click here to see more of Abrah’s art)

It’s so perfect and has the “look” of a podcast logo, which often remind me of album covers.

This morning, Jon and I were talking the visualization I wrote about on Sunday and got on the topic of Mystics.  As Jon was talking about his writing and  mysticism, I said it would be a good podcast.

So this morning we sat down in front of the mic at Jon’s computer and had that conversation.

You can listen to it here or on Google or iTunes.

If you do listen to it on iTunes, and you felt inclined to leave a favorable review, more people will automatically see  the podcast.  And we’d appreciate that.

You can listen to any of our Katz and Wulf On Bedlam Farm podcasts anytime by clicking on the podcast buttons on the top and bottom of my blog.


3 thoughts on “Mystics In Bedlam, Our New Podcast

  1. I love the new artwork. It is the way I think about shapes to describe things myself. I think it is because I like to do block prints and those kinds of contained shapes lend themselves to that medium

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