We got the tickets months ago.  I had never heard of India.Arie but my friend Athena said she was worth seeing and I trusted her.

I hadn’t thought about it much, I liked the idea of hearing live music and having a night out with friends. It was when we walked up the stairs to the old music hall above the Troy Saving Bank, that I saw the t-shirts with a single word on them “Worthy”.

Then I saw the signs #worthytour.

Just a little while earlier, over dinner,  Athena and Mandy and I were talking about the visualization I had last week about feeling valuable, feeling worthy.

India. Arie gave a beautiful concert that brought us, the audience together in a way I’ve never experienced before.  She was unapologetically, honest, kind, powerful, inclusive and strong.

She was political with being alienating.

India.Arie drew us, the audience, in with her first song about how we’re all “one”, asking us to sing the word “one” when it came up.

It worked.

For the first time ever, I clapped to the beat (thanks to Bellydancing) along with everyone else.

I hadn’t asked for a sign that I was on the right track, but the message couldn’t have been clearer.




2 thoughts on “Worthy

  1. She is an amazing woman. I heard her speak on her journey leaving the standard music business and what it did to her amazing spirit.

    A well deserved gift for you. We don’t always have to ask, we are shown in ways big and small it sure seems.

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