The Most Literal Yoni Tree

Yoni is the Sanskrit word meaning vulva, vagina, womb, the place where life comes from.  A Yoni tree is a tree that has an opening in it that, in some way, has the shape of a vulva.

The Yoni tree in the picture that I took above, is just off a path in the woods I’ve walked hundreds of time.   But I only saw it, for the first time, yesterday.

So far, she’s the most literal Yoni Tree I’ve ever seen.

2 thoughts on “The Most Literal Yoni Tree

  1. Oh, wow, she is! Love the word yoni. When I was a kid my mother called my pelvic area, my crotch, my “fat piece of meat”. Not kidding. My yoga student told me a story. She was one of five girls. The family word for yoni was bobo. The girls were at the zoo and a gorilla had a name plate Bobo. All five of them almost died when they saw it. She is my age, in her late sixties.

    1. Ugh Janet, I’ve never heard that one before. Love the Bobo story. Makes me realize there was no word for my vuvla when I was a kid. So I guess I got to name her myself. It only took me 55 years!

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