Naming My Vulva

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Love the word yoni.” Janet wrote ” When I was a kid my mother called my pelvic area, my crotch, my “fat piece of meat”. Not kidding.  Then Janet  told me the story of a Yoga student she had…”She was one of five girls. The family word for yoni was bobo. The girls were at the zoo and a gorilla had a name plate Bobo. All five of them almost died when they saw it.”

Janet’s stories made me think of how, when I was growing up, we didn’t  have a word for vulva.  Or for penis either.  As far as I can remember, we just didn’t mention them.

The good thing about that is it gives me the freedom to think of and call my own vulva whatever I want without the baggage of past, potentially negative identities.

But really, even with all the Vulva Awareness I’m experiencing at this point in my life (and it is actually a new thing for me to be creating and writing about vulvas) I never thought about naming my vulva. But I think it’s important to do, because when we put a word to something, we give it an identity.

Throughout my life I’ve used the word “pussy” to mean someone who’s afraid to do something.  I’ve said, “Don’t be a pussy” to plenty of people.  Sometimes it still slips out, even though I  definitely don’t want to be implying that women and their genitalia are inherently weak.

Women have been reclaiming the word pussy for years.  The guerrilla, feminist  Punk Rock band Pussy Riot is a great example.  Imprisoned for their political beliefs in Russia, they’re hardly weak or afraid to stand up for themselves and others.

More and more I’ve been thinking of my vulva as Pussy, even if I haven’t officially named her that.  Not in the way of “don’t be a pussy” but in a soft and sexy way.  Much like  how our cat, Flo, will wind herself slowly and seductively around my legs.

My vulva is a sensitive and powerful gatekeeper.  The sacred entrance.  Like Janet,  I love the word Yoni too.  It is serious and playful at the same time.  It elevates my vulva to the holiest of places.

The word Pussy has a crassness to it, which is kind of enticing and endearing, but dangerous too. Like the spider who eats the male after mating.  I like taking the word back, from the image it evokes in me,   of boys taunting each other with it on the dead-end street where I grew up.

I like making it mine.

Perhaps my vulva deserves two names.  Pussy Yoni, or Yoni Pussy, depending on how I’m feeling.  She can handle it.  And I know she’ll like having a name, being known.  She’s definitely not as shy as she used to be.

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6 thoughts on “Naming My Vulva

  1. So glad you shared that, Maria.

    I told my next door neighbor that I was thinking of getting a cat from the shelter. He looked and me with a sly smile. Honey, you already have one. LOL

    I say don’t be a pussy all the time. I don’t think its disparaging to women. Its a synonym to me for soft and yielding. I say don’t be a dick all the time. Not putting men down either. Its a synonym for hard and unyielding.

  2. As you likely know, yoni is a Sanskrit word, so it has a truly ancient presence. Your entry here sent me to Wikipedia, where I found the original word.


    Imagine that the descending central marks create a vestibule, and the figures on either side stand as companions…the labia? The horizontal line, it seems to me, stands as protection in place, when needed.

    Just an intuitive interpretation…none of this has any factual basis that I’m aware of….

    1. Oh I love that Dale, I looked at that Wikapedia page many times and never made the visual connection to the word. I’m sure if we knew the written language it would be hard to see that kind of symbolism because each mark already holds its own meaning. Thanks!

  3. Not to get political but our President really did elevate the crassness of the word “pussy” to new heights. Pussy willows, pussy cats, Pussy Galore – it is all good.

    Words do show themselves.

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