Lessons Of The Wood

Jon and Greg, our wood guy, yacking

It’s hard to ignore when Greg Burch pulls up in front of my studio with two cords of wood and dumps it right outside my window.

Actually everyone on the farm seems to notice when Greg shows up. The cats run, the dogs stand at the gate watching and Jon get is his camera and a check to pay Greg.

Jon already called Nicole, who will be coming by this weekend to help stack it.  And I’m okay with that.  Although it’s still calling to me as I sit here writing, I don’t have the same motivation as I did with the first two cords we got delivered.

I’m not feeling like my self-worth is caught up in how much wood I stack.

I do think I worked though something important these past few weeks about my value as a woman, as myself.

When I first made my I Am Enough Potholders years ago.  They were more of an affirmation of what I wanted.  A belief without ownership.  But it feels like something shifted inside of me after the visualization I experienced last week.

It’s been coming a long time, but now I have a sense of acceptance and peace around the idea that I am enough.  Like it just may be true.


9 thoughts on “Lessons Of The Wood

  1. So glad your stacking of the wood was complimented by the “wood man” as the best he’d seen! After all, you Are the best dish stacker!

  2. Holy crap is right, Janet! My firewood guy stacks it for me when he makes a delivery. I can’t begin to imagine tackling that myself.

    1. I’ve begun obsessing on it today Jill. Nicole and her son came this morning and started it, then I took over and made myself stop. I might get back to it this afternoon.

  3. Life is too short to ever do anything for yourself that you can pay someone else to do for you.
    I’ve stacked wood, split it, hauled it to the truck, loaded it, offloaded it. For ten dollars an hour. There are better things to do with your life if you have the option. I was grateful for the work, and the money. Now I am grateful that I no longer have to do it.

    1. I’m there with a lot of things too Mary Jean. All last year I let someone else stack the wood, this year, I’m kinda enjoying doing it again. I’ll do what I want to and not what I don’t and get help along the way.

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