Minnie and Me, The Garden Compromise

Minnie in her “bedroom” on the back porch

Jon came home with the Spiderwort and lily, because Minnie has been using part of the back porch garden as her own private bathroom.

I can understand how convenient it must be for her.

She sleeps all day on the cushion  under the table on the porch and just a few steps away is an area of soft soil cover in wood chips (where I planted a mess of Zinnia seeds).  It’s like having a bathroom next to the bedroom.

I thought if I had some big plants, that would make Minnie find another place to do her business.  But then I looked at the place in the garden she hasn’t been peeing. The place where the seed are growing, but can still be easily scratched up by a cat’s paw.

If I took Minnie’s bathroom away she could easily move to the next best place.

So instead of putting the plants in Minnie’s bathroom, I surround her bathroom with them.  Now, the patch of dirt where nothing will grow is under the birdbath and surrounded by plants.  A compromise instead of a potentially, ongoing battle between Minnie and me.

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