My Etsy Shop Has A Name….

Some of my art for sale in my Etsy Shop

I never call my Etsy Shop by name, but it does have a name, one that’s very easy to remember, it’s fullmoonfiberart.

I noticed this morning, after mailing out two more potholders and two more packs of I Am Enough postcards, that it’s time to make more potholders.  I like to keep my Etsy Shop stocked with potholders for people to be able to buy when they need them.

Although my potholders, I’ve learned from experience and what other people have told me, last a long time.  So once you buy a couple, you may not actually “need” more for some years.

But they do make good gifts, and I know that some of my potholders don’t actually do the heavy lifting that others might and spend their lives happily in frames, or just hanging on the wall (and not just in the kitchen) doing a different kind of work.   A kind of “soul work”.

Everyone who buys something from my Etsy Shop, whether it’s a  $500 fabric painting or a Flying Vulva Button,  gets one of my “Thank you”  bookmarks.

So come have a look in my Etsy Shop, or just keep it in mind for the future.  I also have many of Jon’s photographs and more of my notecards for sale right now.

And by next week, I’ll have some more potholders too.

Full Moon Fiber Art Etsy Store


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