Visiting Bishop Maginn School

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I’m going with Jon to the Bishop Maginn School this morning.

Jon has been going there almost every week for a while, working closely with Sue Silverstein, the art teacher (who is so much more than just an art teacher), to find out how best to help the kids there who need it.

So far he and the Army of Good have bought art supplies, help start a chorus, buy vegetable plants for their garden,  get necessities like  sneakers for a few kids and sold the paintings of two students who are very gifted artists, among other things.

Even though the school year is ending, many of the kids come back to the school over the summer to used the art room and tend the garden.

I’m not sure exactly how I’ll be involved with the kids at the school, but I’m thinking of trying to find a venue in Albany to show some of their art.  Like many cities, Albany  has  art events at cafes and restaurants and  even though Jon is selling some paintings  on his blog, there’s something special about an artist seeing her work hanging  in a gallery setting.

I’m wearing the tie dyed t-shirt that the kids made for me last week, with the donation of one of the people from the Army of Good.  I’m looking forward to seeing Blue again, a wonderfully talented artist, and seeing what happens next.



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