We Are Enough

My I Am Enough poster for sale in my Etsy Shop

Jessica wrote to me after buying one of my I Am Enough posters.  She told me about a Shamanic workshop she took in Tao NM where she did some deep work exploring a part of her unconscious.

She stood on a collage she made the size of her own body and her teacher asked what she wanted to say to the world.  “I am enough” she said emotionally.  Then her teacher told her to say it loud enough for people in California  and France to hear.  She yelled it louder each time.

When she got home her friend showed her some of my potholders then my blog.  That’s when she saw my I Am Enough poster.

The words I am enough came to me years ago, and they have stayed with me.  They surface at times in my life when I need them most.
Each time they come back, they have new meaning for me.

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