Feeling Ghosts


The shoes of a doll in our room at the Inn

I have no doubt that the Vermont Inn Jon and I stayed in Sunday night, to celebrate our anniversary, was haunted.

It was a four story Victorian Inn, built of the site of the original Inn from the late 1700’s that burned down.  As we walked down the long hallway, I peaked in the unoccupied  rooms. The doors to most of them were open.  We were the only people staying there.

That’s when I most feel the ghosts.

When a building that is usually filled up with people is empty.  It’s as if the spirits  get pushed out with the energy of live people, but when they leave there’s space again for ghosts.

It’s as if the space has a density to it.  The Inn  didn’t feel menacing (although I’ve been in places that have) just full.  As if every place I wasn’t looking something was happening.

Jon and I didn’t see any ghosts, but the next morning we spoke to the Inn Keeper and she told us that a medium who stayed there said there were children who haunted the Inn.  They haven’t bothered anyone, but she said they came in through the mirrors to play in the building.

We didn’t have any old mirrors in our room and we slept really well, enjoying every minute at the Inn as big and empty as it was.  We both said we’d like to go back.


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