I Am Enough Potholders For Sale

I Am Enough Potholders for sale in my Etsy Shop

“Wow…what timing… At yoga today our Yogi (Courtney) told us that when we breathe in to believe that “I am authentic”… Then as we exhale believe that “I am Enough”. How cool is that… Will be checking your Etsy shop… I’ve got to get her one of these potholders… Rebecca”

I believe my I Am Enough Potholders speak for themselves.  And I know they’re speaking directly to people because I’ve gotten a couple of messages similar to Rebecca’s.

I just finished sewing them and they’re now for sale in my Etsy Shop.  They’re $25 each + $5 shipping for one or more.  You can see them all  and buy them  here.

Full Moon Fiber Art Etsy Store

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