Belly Dancing Week, Our Latest Podcast

Liming the pastures

After a glass of wine for me, and scotch for Jon, then ice cream, with make-up on my face, Jon and I decided to do a podcast.   It was 9:30 pm, not our usual time for this kind of work.

We talk about Bellydancing (which is top of mind with me) and the farm and animals.  We talk about Bud and our new found trust in him and what the next steps with Zelda, our aging sheep will be.  We also talk about caring for the pastures and the book Never Home Alone by Rob Dunn.

So come and listen to our night time podcast called Bellydancing Week.  You can listen to it here.

You can also listen to any of our podcasts, anytime,  by clicking on podcast buttons at the top and bottom of my blog.

And let me know what you think….

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