Visiting Blue In Sue Silverstein’s Art Room

“Meow” The drawing Blue made while we were talking today.

I went with Jon today to visit Sue Silverstein’s art room at Bishop Maginn School in Albany, where Jon and the Army of Good, is  raising money to help  some of the refugee kids who go there.

It’s one of the rare places where, the first time I visited,  I just felt comfortable.

There were only three kids there today, Blue, Asher and his twin brother, Issachar.  School is officially closed but Sue comes in and opens the room so the kids who want to, can come to paint and draw.

They also help care for the vegetable garden they planted behind the school.  The vegetables will go to the local food pantry where many of the kids and their family’s get their food.

The tomatoes, squash and eggplants are staples, Sue told me, but the herbs are a luxury the people who use the food pantry otherwise wouldn’t get.

Blue was drawing the whole time we were there.  And talking too.  To me and Asher mostly.  Sue says they’re like an old married couple.  And it’s true, they’ve only know each other since October, but seem like very old friends.

I brought Blue a copy of Veronica Hallissey’s poetry book,  Psalms of Love.  Veronica bought one of Blue’s paintings for her granddaughter.  I was describing Veronica and her poetry  to Blue, how she’s a mystic really, her poems often other-worldly and always wise.  I told her how Veronica didn’t aways fit in with other people.

Blue nodded and said,  matter-of-factly, “She’s a Starseed”, someone who is born to bring a specific message to earth.

I know if Veronica and Blue could meet they’d be quick friends.

I’m unusually comfortable with Blue and I think she is with me too.   We talk easily, our creativity a natural connection.

Last week I gave Jon a book to bring to Blue.  I was hoping it would encourage her to embrace her dark side a little more.  To bring it out into the light.

She made two painting doing just that.  Then when I was there she drew a woman with a cat face. It’s the two sides of Blue, always there, side by side.

Jon is selling one of Blue’s paintings on his blog.  It’s of the zodiac sign Cancer.  You can see it here

One of Blue’s darker paintings.



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