The Mansion Visits Bedlam Farm

Tim, Peggy, Fate, Julie, Carol and Jean.

We sat around eating lunch, talking, enjoying the warm summer day together.  I think that’s what was so nice about it.  We weren’t doing anything special, just enjoying being outside and in each others company.

Julie and Kathy brought Jean, Carol, Peggy and Tim from The Mansion, Assisted Living Facility, to Bedlam Farm today for a visit.  Jon couldn’t be there with us, he was in Albany doing an Interview for a documentary with the BBC.

We fed the donkeys some carrots then all three dogs made the rounds from one person to the next.  I was actually surprised how well-behaved the dogs were.  Not Red, of course, I knew he’d be good, so were Fate and Bud.

(Bud did chase Flo at one point, but she backed him off and went back to sleeping on the porch)

In some ways Fate and Bud are the opposite of each other.  Fate loves everyone and gets so excited when she first sees people and Bud always put a couple of feet between him and anyone until he gets comfortable with them.

Half way through the visit Carol’s brother and his wife pulled into the driveway.  They were visiting from Pennsylvania.  When they got to the Mansion and Carol wasn’t there, they found their way to Bedlam Farm, asking around at a couple of local businesses.   They pulled up some chairs and joined us.

Jean and Bud

Jean got pretty friendly with Bud.  Especially after she gave him a potato chip.

When I told her we don’t feed our dogs from the table, she just laughed and said he asked for it.  Jean sometimes has a hard time finding her words, so even though we can’t talk much, I feel like we still communicate with each other.  And she loves to laugh, so we do a lot of that.

It’s been a while since we had visitors from The Mansion at Bedlam Farm.  I hope we can so it more often.


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