The Snake Is Back


The snake with a shedded snake skin (maybe hers) hanging over her.

A few weeks ago I posted a video of a snake in the manure pile, her tongue lashing out again and again.  I thought she was trying to scare me away, but someone wrote and told me that’s how snakes smell.

So maybe she was just trying to get to know me.

I thought she was a garter snake, just tan instead of the green.  But a few people said they wished I had  a  better picture of her, they thought she might be a different kind of snake.

This morning, as I was mucking out the pole barn, I saw the same snake.   So, of course, I took her picture.

I still think she might be a tan garter snake, but I don’t really know snakes very well.  But if anyone out there does, I’d love to know what you think.

4 thoughts on “The Snake Is Back

  1. Hi, Maria!
    If that little snake is on the small side, I believe it’s a DeKay’s Brown Snake. They’re lovely shy snakes that are helpful to have in the garden. Unfortunately, some people think they’re baby copperhead and kill them (baby copperhead have bright yellow at the end of their tails.) They’re found all along the eastern part of the U.S. –I see them in my garden in Atlanta, GA
    Beautiful snake, and a great photo!

    1. Oh Thank you Deborah. I’m so glad to know what it is. I’m going to look it up on line and get more information about it. I’ve never seen one before this.

    1. Yes, Virginia Thank you! I’m so happy to know what kind of snake she is. Now I feel like I know her a little better and went looking for her this morning. I didn’t see her today, maybe tomorrow…

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