Mystery Snail Bubble Ride

When my Mystery Snail Socrate died, Jon bought me a new one.  My new Socrates has a blueish/gray shell and black body.  He’s very beautiful and very active, constantly moving all over the tank.

I’ve gotten to know when he’s going to do something that’s interesting enough to take a video of.  But, even though snails aren’t the quickest animals on the earth, I often don’t get the video  became don’t want to get up and get my iPhone and miss what he’s doing.

But today I had a feeling as I watched Socrates head towards the air bubbles and had my iPhone ready.

Mystery snails can create their own bubbles  they use to  float themselves around the tank.  It’s a way for them to quickly get from one place to another.  But I think I caught Socrates using the bubbles from our air bubbler to get him going.

Just watch, as he moves up and down then lands on a leaf.

(normally if my video gets interrupted like this one was in the end by Jon, I’d just delete it.  But this was too good to delete. And I also loved hearing the story of Megan Rapinoe and Sue Bird)

4 thoughts on “Mystery Snail Bubble Ride

  1. Maria,
    Do you think he is playing? He looks like a kid at the amusement park. And it is obvious that this was intentional. How very interesting from such a simple creature. Love this. Thank you.

  2. I have one that seems to be getting air trapped in his shell at first i thought he was dead and now he does it often enough that i think it may be his personality? I use to take him out and smell him to make sure he wasn’t dead now i just let him be.

    1. It’s interesting Joanna, they do all have different personalities. It’s so good that you got to know yours. That kind of observation of animals is how we get to know them and communicate with them.

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