Surprised By My “How To Keep Your Husband” Quilt

Sometimes  I get so close to a piece I’m working on I can’t see it clearly.  Then, suddenly, I step back and see it as if for the first time.

That’s what happened this morning after I sewed the last panel onto my “How To Keep Your Husband” quilt and hung it on my wall.

I was a bit stunned by it.  It has a strength and presence that I wasn’t aware of as I was working on it.

At times, it seemed almost insubstantial, pale in its makeup.  Yet it’s really quite impressive, quietly demanding. Luring, even me, in to take a closer look.

She’s not what she seems at first glance.

I keep thinking that my Bellydancing has something to do with it, that awakened power within me that came with the dance.  I don’t know that this quilt would have felt the same without it.

8 thoughts on “Surprised By My “How To Keep Your Husband” Quilt

  1. it is a beautiful quilt and right up my alley. i would buy it if i could.
    maybe someday so……..make them when you will.

  2. Wow-this is amazing and thought provoking and spoke to my heart. I was moved and did I say amazing? Thank you.

  3. It has been fun watching this quilt grow. Now that it is further along, it is deeper, more serious than any other work you have created. You might decide you must keep it because it is so personal. But if you do sell it, I hope the purchaser might think about giving it to a women’s shelter. If I could afford it, that is what I would do with it.

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