Bedlam Farm Garden Tour

Last week after writing about the lettuce in my vegetable garden I got a lot of feedback about how greens get bitter in the warmer weather and how lettuce will bolt.

I’d never heard the expression before, but didn’t need to look it up.  It’s one of those words that sound like what it is  and when I read it, I got a picture in my mind of lettuce  sitting in the clouds  like Jack’s Beanstalk.

Cindy emailed me and asked if I had a vegetable gardening book.  And that made me realize how I have no interest in reading about how to grow a garden, vegetable or flower.  It would be the smart thing to do I suppose, but since I’m not dependent on my vegetables to survive, I prefer to learn though experience.

And there are so any people out there who know all about it, and are kind enough to give me a few tips without being judgmental.

When Jon suggested we do a video garden tour on video this morning , I told him I had been thinking of doing the same thing.

This video is longer than usual, but I hope you enjoy it.

All my gardens have a bit of the wild in them, (some more than others) which is how I like them.  Growing into who they are, with some guidance from me, their caretaker.


6 thoughts on “Bedlam Farm Garden Tour

  1. Hi Maria, I enjoyed the tour and like how you have a little of everything: trees growing to maturity, flowers, herbs, veggies. Summer’s rich bounty. Keep an eye on that milkweed for monarch caterpillars. They are as photogenic as the butterflies they morph into.

  2. Dear Maria, I just took your Garden Tour thru this wonderful video. THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS!! LOVELY GARDENS. And even more lovely, YOU!! Annie

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