Thanks For Listening… Our latest Podcast…

Robin and Jon on Saturday.

Jon’s so good at summing up our podcasts in just a few words.   I watch him do it after each podcast, it only takes him seconds.    Jon described the podcast we just finished making like this…

We had a compelling week. Bud got lost for a while, Maria spent weeks making a quilt, freaked out a bit over money, my daughter and Granddaughter visited for the first time in two years, sparking all kinds of feeling about family. We re-committed to the Creative Life.

I couldn’t have done it any better, without elaborating so much that you might not have to listen to the podcast at all.

So I’ll leave it at that, it’s called Family, Quilts, Bud, Money, The Creative Life.  Lessons Of The Week and you can listen to it here.

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And thanks for listening.

2 thoughts on “Thanks For Listening… Our latest Podcast…

  1. Maria why is the sound so echoey? You need to fix that. Takes away from the whole experience of listening. Otherwise enjoy your commentary.

    1. I don’t hear the echo Lisa, maybe the sound isn’t as soft as podcasts created in a sound room, but we can’t change that. We do the podcast from Jon’s office. It’s all part of it. Thanks for your input and glad you enjoy the conversation.

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