Silk Embroidery Koi Pillow

The coy silk embroidery

Carolyn gave me the silk embroideries  months ago. I thought  about making them into pillows a while back, but when I tried, I just couldn’t get it right.

So I kept thinking about them and today, I had an idea for a couple of pieces of fabric I would use.  Then, when I looked in my stash, I found the rest.

Sometimes that’s all it takes, one piece of fabric to get me going.  This time it was the shiny orange and red Indian material that Jon bought me a couple of years ago.

I designed the pillow, but before I could back and stuff it, I got the urge to design another one.  So this one will have to wait to tomorrow to be finished.

These are the birds that drew me away from stuffing the Goldfish Pillow.  I’m not exactly sure what kind they are, but I think they’re some kind of crane.  I have a pile of blues, greens and browns laid out on my work table.

Now I’m going to start sewing them together…

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