Flo At The Birdbath

I’ve seen Minnie, Flo and Fate, wasps and flies and butterflies and bees, but never a bird at our birdbath.

6 thoughts on “Flo At The Birdbath

  1. Gee, I wonder why . . . The cats don’t seem to take up that much space. Surely there’s room enough for a bird in there. 😉

  2. Flo has lasted a long time since you thought she might be leaving a while back. Good to see her looking so good

    The birds know these cats are on it!

  3. I have multiple birdbaths, and the birds only use the one that is set up in the shade. I moved another one to the shade, and sure enough, the birds started using it. Go figure?

    1. That’s interesting Debbie. I think our birds are too smart to use a birdbath with the cats around. But If I ever want to attract any, I’ll put a birdbath in the shade.

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