Hummingbird Pillow

My Hummingbird Pillow is sold.

I only thought to look up the symbolic meaning of Hummingbirds after I wrote about making the pillow yesterday.

As usual, there was so many different sites with meanings, but what most of them had in common was that the Hummingbird is a symbol of finding the joy and lightness in life.

No coincidence that I was feeling just the opposite when I chose the Hummingbird embroidery to work with.   But then I can’t help but wonder did I choose it, or did it come to me?

My Hummingbird Pillow is sold, but this morning I began working on another one using the other crane embroidery I have.

I feel like making these pillows is like reading a nonfiction book.  Because nonfiction is usually harder for me to get into.  And once I do, I don’t want to put it down because I’ll get out of the head of reading it.  (It’s a different head than reading fiction  which goes in and down like something soft and sweet).

Because the fabric is difficult to work with,  I feel like if I stop making these pillows, I won’t want to start again.  And I still have plenty of silk embroideries to choose from.

Crane embroidery


4 thoughts on “Hummingbird Pillow

  1. Maria,
    If it is not sold, I would like to buy the Crane pillow posted above. These recent pillows are beautiful.
    in peace and gratitude,
    Carol Frischman
    110 S. Marion St., 408
    Oak Park, IL 60302

  2. Thank you. Please let me know the full cost, shipping and the best way to pay you. I am so excited to include this piece of art in my room.
    in peace,

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