Crane Pillow II

Crane Pillow

I did finish making the other Crane Pillow yesterday.  It too is already sold.

I don’t know if I’ll get to make another or even start another one today.  I do have some potholders to finish up and I’d like to get them in my Etsy Shop.

But I do have more of the silk embroideries and lots of that silky (pain in the butt) fabric to work with,  so I’m sure to make more next week.

I also have an idea rattling around inside of me, that came to me as I was driving to the Farmers Markets a few weeks ago for my first Bellydancing Performance.  It’s a another goddess fabric painting, in the same family as my I Am Enough fabric painting.

This morning I’m shipping out my How to Keep Your Husband quilt, pillows, Jon’s photos,  and paintings that Blue, who goes to the Bishop Maginn School, made and Jon sold on his blog.  Blue sells almost as much work as she can make.  We still have a few of her paintings that Jon will be posting for sale soon, and she keeps making more.



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