“Hannah Scrap Potholders” For Sale In My Etsy Shop

Hannah’s Scrap Potholders for sale in my Etsy Shop.

Hannah does a lot of sewing, she makes quilts and catnip toys.  When she has a bunch of scraps, she puts them in a bag and sends them to me.

It was Hannah’s scraps that I used to make my latest batch of “Intuitive Potholders“.  I sent her a photo of the Pussywillow Potholder that has a piece of fabric in it (the “message in a bottle” fabric) that Susie sent me.  She liked it.

So now I’m sending Hannah fabric for a change,  a couple of pieces of that “Message in a bottle” fabric.

From Susie to me to Hannah, and I have a feeling I might get a scrap of it back in a little bag from Hannah one day.

My Hannah Scrap Potholders are all for sale in my Etsy Shop.  Just click here  (or on any of the Shop Etsy buttons on my blog) to see them close up and to buy them.

They’re $17 each plus $5 shipping for one or more.

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2 thoughts on ““Hannah Scrap Potholders” For Sale In My Etsy Shop

  1. Well that was a very exciting start to my day, I feel quite famous!
    I love all the potholders, seeing how you used the scraps brings back memories of the various projects they are leftovers from. A sewing day with the friend who 1st taught me to quilt, over a decade ago, she was bemused by my grabbing the tiny leftover squares with apple shapes on, as she was about to put them in the garbage, not quite convinced when I assure her I knew someone who could use them! The conifer trees on green that were from a set of seasonal napkins a coworker gifted me after getting them for a bargain price of 25 cents at a yard sale. The tiny turquoise sliver, with cherry blossoms, was in my sisters 1st quilt, and when requesting her second quilt, she sent photos of her favorite blocks, including that fabric and the pinky red leaves on a white background, so I had to search my larger leftover pieces to try and include them in the latest one. I recognize the turquoise blue with smaller flowers in the sunflower potholder, as being leftover from the quilt I made for my Aunt…… I get a kick out of you finding a way to use them, whatever the shape or size, and will gladly start the next ‘Maria Bag’ when the next sewing project comes around. (Hannah / Englishsheepgal)

    1. It always amazed me when people can remember the scraps and where they came from. But then I guess I can do that too, mostly. Thanks for the history of each piece Hannah and thanks for the scraps!

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