The Price of Safety

My How To Keep Your Husband Quilt on the bed in the guest room.

Jackie sent me a card, with a poem in it by Ursula Le Guin,  along with her payment for my How to Keep Your Husband quilt, which she bought.

I want to share the poem, with you.

It speaks to me of the fear I’ve felt in my life and my choices to go against my instincts in order to  conform and  “feel” safe. I see now that feeling of was really a trap.  A way of keeping myself from me.  Safety with a heavy price.

Looking Back   By Ursula Le Guin

Remember me before I was a heap of salt,
the laughing child who seldom did
as she was told or came when she was called,
the merry girl who became Lot’s bride,
the happy woman who loved her wicked city.
Do not remember me with pity.
I saw you plodding on ahead
into the desert of your pitiless faith.
Those springs are dry, that earth is dead.
I looked back, not forward, into death.
Forgiving rains dissolve me, and I come
still disobedient, still happy, home.

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