Front Porch Cats


Flo and Minnie on the back porch

I looked up from my computer to see Minnie hopping up the stairs to the front porch.  She walked straight to me, meowing as if announcing her arrival.

I’ve never seen Minnie on the front porch.  It’s Flo’s domain.  Minnie spends her days on the back porch or high on the hay bales in the barn.

Flo was already sleeping next to me on the wicker bench, so picked Minnie up and put her on the cushion on the low table in front of me.

Now they’re both curled up next to me, as if we do this every night.

4 thoughts on “Front Porch Cats

  1. Maria, you’re going to think I’m nuts but I completely agree with Elizabeth regarding that photo of Jon and donkeys. When I first saw it, I did a double take. He does look 20 years younger! I don’t know if it’s the cap or haircut or lighting. It’s uncanny! Then I got to thinking about that angel encounter he’s been talking about … I’m not trying to be facetious but could there be a connection?

    1. I don’t know Barbara, it’s interesting though, I’m not sure what to make of it. My thought is that he and the donkeys formed a timeless connection and maybe that’s what we’re seeing. A connection that transcends time. But I have to say this is just me idea of angels, that they’re really about moments rather than corporeal beings.

  2. I like how the hay twine chair has weathered. It looks both furry and organic, like something lifted from the bottom of the sea.

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