Our Latest Podcast, “Staying Grounded In The Trump Years”


From my How To Keep Your Husband quilt. You can Listen to our latest Podcast here.

Jon and I both reacted, in similar, but different ways to the 2016 election.

We both decided we didn’t wanted to spend our time being angry and arguing our beliefs, so we decided to act on our beliefs instead and turn our anger to good.

Jon found good work to do supporting Refugees and older people who would be hurt by the new government policies.  He started the Army of Good, so many of you, who have given money to support people in need.

My art has become a vehicle for my actions.  I began voicing my ideas and beliefs on women’s issues even more than I had in the past.  Spreading the word of women voice,  freedom and strength though my Flying Vulva’s and other works.

Both of us went to issues that were personal to us.  And we support each others work in different ways.

Jon and I talk about our choices to act instead of argue in our latest podcast, Staying Grounded In The Trump Years.  You can listen to it here.

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Thanks for listening!


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