Sexy Pear

I only had to take one life-drawing class to see that pears are sexy.  Some more voluptuous than others.

When Jon said he was going to have a pear with breakfast, I picked one out to cut up (I don’t like cooking, but I do love chopping things up and don’t pass up an opportunity).  The shape of this pear was especially nice.

Ever since that first life drawing class, pears will always be the back of a woman sitting down, her  her legs in front of her,  out of sight, her head, arms and shoulders to be imagined.

In my mind I saw this morning’s pear in an instant photo.  I wanted a close up of it, but haven’t figured how to do that with my instant camera yet.  Somehow it never works out for me.

So I placed this morning’s  pear on a banana pedestal and got a photograph that I didn’t expect, but really like.

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