All Those Pillows….

My three latest pillows.  

A part of me wishes I had all seven of my pillows made around the silk embroideries, so I could see them all together.  But the other part of me is glad they’re in or on their way to their new homes.

The Loons are sold and I finished the Owl Pillow and sold it this morning. Just after posting this, I sold my Parrot Pillow too.   My Parrot Pillow is still available.  You can buy it in my Etsy Shop (just click here) or email me at [email protected].   It’s 23″x23″ and is $90 including shipping.

I have a tiger, a chipmunk, goldfish and reeds (which may be spoken for) that can still be made into pillows.

But I might take a break from them, because I keep thinking about that book I read by Rob Dunn, Never Home Alone , about all the microbes and insects we live, and some dragonfly and moth coasters that Fran sent me, and a quilt.

I saw Carolyn, who gave me the silk embroideries, and she said she was so glad they were finding a new life.

Carolyn has a fascinating blog about all the cats she’s lived with (and there are lots!) and  her life growing up in Cambodia and other places around the world. (She gave me lots of fabric from her world travels).   I especially love seeing the old and new photos that accompany her writing.  Her blog is called CatsinCambridge  to get there, just click here.

The  four silk embroideries I have to make into pillows.

2 thoughts on “All Those Pillows….

  1. Maria, it’s wonderful that you sold your beautiful pillows so quickly! Gorgeous work! Love the chipmunk! 🙂

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