Morning Bird Song

The cramps woke me up around 4am.  From 42 years of experience I knew If I sat up or walked around I’d feel better.

Still the blood comes, but lightly and only for a day or two.  I always think it’s the last time, but now with the help of the full moon, it’s as dependable as every.

For the first time, the heat was so bad, that Jon and I spent most of yesterday, in the bedroom, with the air conditioner on.  Reading, dozing, watching  Hinterland, a mystery set in Wales, where the gray landscape was cold, wet and dreary, the perfect antidote to the heat.

So this morning, when I couldn’t sleep, it was a delight to be outside in the cool dawn air.  Dew wet grass clippings stuck to my bare feet as I walked to the edge of the yard, watching the animals graze and listening to the morning birds.



4 thoughts on “Morning Bird Song

  1. I rarely had to cope with cramps, thankfully, but in my case the periods got much lighter, but much longer–almost 3 weeks of bleeding. That was the same with a good friend’s Mom, she told me (my friend herself, my age, had to have chemo at 45 and that put her instantly into menopause–my own Mom was already dead, so couldn’t tell me). Eventually it stops, and that is one of the good things about aging, for sure. I’m glad you had some loveliness to walk around in. Our many-day heat wave broke yesterday, along with 2 inches of much needed rain, so we are happy here.

    1. That’s a long time of bleeding Melissa. It’s different for everyone. I love being able to see the good things about aging. We’ve cooled off here too, it feels so good!

  2. So lovely, Maria! For some reason the beauty of the birds’ songs brought tears to my eyes! I don’t know why, surely I’m not hormonal at 75. Still, they were so beautiful singing their little hearts out.

    1. Well that is really beautiful Molly. I’m so glad you enjoyed them as much as I did and in your own way. Thank you for letting me know.

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