Questioning The Meaning Of The Tiny Pricks Project

The Tiny Pricks Project a the Lingua Franca Gallery in NYC

I got some comments on Facebook and a few emails questioning the Tiny Pricks Projects created by Diana Weymar, that I am now participating in.   I wrote about it  and posted a photo of my contribution to it, on my blog on Friday. (you can read it here)

Some people, either don’t understand it, or  feel that  making the presidents words more visible is glorifying them.  That’s they’d rather just let them fade away.

I don’t know if I can explain it any better than Diana Weymar does,(you can read here explanation here), but for me, this piece of art is so much about not forgetting and about being heard.
It isn’t about glorifying Trumps words, but not letting him get away with them.
So much that the president  says is fleeting and easily forgotten,  especially with the next inflammatory tweet.  Or his words are denied or rationalized.  This is a way of putting them all out there all together.   To witness and remember.  They should not become invisible, they speak too much truth to who he really is and what he believes.
I also feel that because of the way they are stitched onto linens, which is traditionally “women’s work”  they speak to the often voiceless and powerless people, rising up and being heard.
The photo above is from Lingua Franca Gallery in NYC.
There are over 700  quotes and linens  made by people from all over the country.    For me, seeing them all together like this, hanging in a public space, speaks to the power and meaning of this work of art in a way words can’t.
Everyone is welcome to participate in The Tiny Pricks Project.  Click here to read more about it or here to see more photos.
And if you’d like to participate and need a hankie or linen to stictch your Trump quote on, I’d be happy to give you one.  Just email me here, [email protected].

6 thoughts on “Questioning The Meaning Of The Tiny Pricks Project

  1. Power over. That’s the phrase I use to explain what it means to me to have these words made visible. I gain power over them. They can no longer hurt me. And that they appear in this fashion, out of the creative minds and spirits and souls of artists, makes them all the more power-filled.

    1. Well said Dale. Thanks for your thoughts on this. The phrase “power over” is one I’ve never heard before, but is so appropriate!

  2. Well said Maria! I saw your piece posted on their website last night. I have old linens and now am searching for the “perfect”??? quote.

  3. Bravo, Maria! Speaking truth should never be silenced or given a free pass. This president’s moral turpitude [and all of his cohorts] need to know WE WILL NOT FORGET!

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