Stack Now, Sew Later


Working on the blue grass pillow for Linda, with the wood outside my window.

First it was too hot, then it rained all day, now it’s cool, breezy and sunny.  And that pile of firewood outside my window is taunting me.

Come on, it calls, you could finish me off in a couple of hours.  And  think of those corners you’ll get to construct to hold us in on either side.  You can sew pieces of fabric together anytime, but you can’t stack wood in the rain. Enjoy us while you can.  Wouldn’t you rather be out here in the fresh air and sunshine than in your studio.  Stack now, sew later. 

But the blue, silk, grasses rustle in the breeze, the shiny fabric softly seducing me to stay.

If there’s an angel and a devil here, I don’t know which is which.

I only know that one will win and the other will have to wait.


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