Bishop Maginn’s Etsy Shop Coming Soon

Paw Lway Shee and one of her paintings.

I’ve packed up her paintings and sent them in the mail to the people who bought them, but today was the first time I met Paw Lway Shee.  She sat at the big round table, with some of the other kids in Sue Silverstein’s art room at  the Bishop Maginn School.

Paw Lway Shee pointed to the woman eating grapes in her painting and said that she borrowed that image, but other parts of the painting came from her imagination.

She worked on a part of one painting then put it aside to dry and worked on parts of another.   When she’s not in the art room painting, she’s babysitting her cousins.

Paw Lway Shee, Issachar, Blue and Asher

I spoke to Sue and the students  about getting an Etsy Shop for the school.  They’re all into it and  Sue said she had some students in mind, who are good on computers, that she knows will be able to help.

Jon and I would still promote the art work coming out of the school, but Sue and the students will  make contact with the people who buy it through Etsy and be responsible for shipping it.

I’ll go back in a couple of weeks to see how things are going and help if I can.

It aways surprises me how comfortable I feel in this school and around these kids. I enjoyed meeting Paw Lway Shee,  I know she’ll have some of her paintings for sale in the Bishop Maginn Etsy Shop when they get it up and running.


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