Crane and Loon Pillows At Home

Carol’s Crane Pillow

Carol and Kathleen sent these pictures of the Crane and Loon Pillows I made, in their new homes.

Carol pointed out the sheet metal Hummingbird hanging over the pillow made by an African artist.  Two special birds in one room.

Kathleen’s Loon Pillow

Kathleen’s Loon Pillow is next to one of my older pillows on her bed.  I made the other pillow sometime after moving into my School House Studio.  It has some of the same imagery I used on  the last header for my blog.

Dare I say the Loon Pillow works well with Van Gogh’s Iris’.

4 thoughts on “Crane and Loon Pillows At Home

  1. I love all the different textures and color tones in this pillow. The darker outer border seems to camouflage and envelope the pair of loons safely in the reeds. Splendid!

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