Tiger Pillow

Tiger Pillow

The Tiger Pillow is the last silk embroidery that I have.  I designed a pillow around it this afternoon.

Tomorrow I’ll make this and  the three other pieces I’ve been working on this week,  into pillows.  All these pillows are already sold.

When they’re done, I’ll make one more pillow for Cindy.

That one will have a rabbit on it.  Not a silk embroidered rabbit, this one’s printed on cotton fabric,  but I’m still planning on using some of the same silky fabric around it.

After that it will be time for me to restock the potholders in my Etsy Shop and work on a couple of ideas that I’ve been thinking about for a while….

7 thoughts on “Tiger Pillow

  1. Maria, just wanted to say that all those silk embroidery pillows you made recently were gorgeous! This one is too. I love how the striped pieces reflect the stripes on the tiger and how the black strips make the whole thing pop. Very striking!

    1. Ah I was so happy to find that piece of striped fabric Barbara. I knew it would work color and “stripe-wise”. I used a lot of fabric swatches on this one. The colors were just right.

  2. Just stunning. I know I said it before, but I really live to think of all those embroideries being so beautifully displayed and enjoyed all over the country. I loved them but felt I was never able to enjoy them as much as they deserved. It lifts my heart to think how much pleasure they are bringing. Thank you so much Maria!

  3. Hi Maria. I’m so excited that you going to make the rabbit pillow for me! Yay! It will be beautiful as all your creations are! I can’t wait to see it!

    1. Finally! Right, Cindy. It’s been a while coming. I found this great hankie, with an asian signature on it, like the silk embroideries have. I’ll send you a picture of it, just finishing it up.

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