Bunny Pillow

The bunny pillow for Cindy

I used all the silk embroideries that Carolyn gave me to make pillows, but there was still one more pillow I had to make.

This one, with a rabbit on it, is for Cindy.

Cindy sent me pictures of her rabbits, Poofy Pants Girl and Rascal Grumpy Boy.  They live indoors, much, I think, like cats do.

I’m not sure who sent me the hankie that had the rabbits on it.   But I found it in the laundry room with some other fabric I was washing.  I didn’t really think about it till I pulled it out of the washing machine and saw the rabbits on it.

Then, I immediately thought of Cindy.

I was still working on the silk embroidery pillows, but I put the bunnies aside for last.

You can see the gold signature in the bottom right corner of the square of  hankie I cut out to use in the pillow. And I used a single bunny in the upper left corner of the pillow.

I still have to back and stuff this.  I’ll finish it on Monday morning.  I  have two more squares with bunnies on them.  I’ll see what I feel like doing on Monday.  Maybe another bunny pillow, maybe something different.


3 thoughts on “Bunny Pillow

  1. Hi Maria.
    As I had said when I first saw this bunny pillow…it is beautiful! Your choice of colors are great and so soothing! I’m excited about it! If you do another bunny pillow I would also love to purchase it! And yes, our house rabbits use litter boxes like cats and love eating their salads and hay in the den of our home. At one time we had one bunny who was very well-behaved and she had the run of the whole house!

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