“Owl Pillow” Has Landed

Julie’s Owl Pillow

When Julie saw the Owl Pillow I was working on she emailed me and said she wanted it.  She said she had  Great Horned Owls living in her neighborhood.

“You will love hearing the song of the great horned owls,” She wrote me  “They often sit on the roof of our house. Can you imagine it?! They like to sit near our chimney so sometimes it sounds like they’re in the house.”

That was enough to make me want to hear their call.  So I listened on Youtube…

Julie wrote to me how one night she was watching one of the owls and the owl was looking back at her. They watched each other till the owl saw something that made her “lift her wings…and fly into the night”.

I could image the scene as I read about it.  “Magnificent” is the word Julie used to describe the experience.

Now the “Owl Pillow” I made sits on the window seat in Julies home.  Seems the perfect place for it to me.


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