Whose Picture Is It Anyway?

Photo by Jon Katz

I saw the picture of the cats on the back porch as soon as I got out of the car.  But my iPhone was in the house.  I knew by the time I went in to get it, and came back out, the cats would have moved.

So I did the only decent thing I could.

“Look Jon,” I said, “there’s a great picture of the cats on the porch perfectly framed by flowers  and I don’t have my phone”.

It’s not like Jon probably wouldn’t have seen the photo op too,  when he got out of the car, but by my telling him about it, I was claiming it.  Pissing on it a little, so even if I couldn’t literally get the photo, I was the first one to spot it.

Because, really, it was too good an opportunity to let go by no matter who took the picture.

This is the perfect illustration of what Jon and I were talking about on our podcast the other day.  How we sometimes find ourselves, fighting for the same photo.  I even used taking a picture of the cats as an example in our conversation.

As we said in the podcast, even though we both take pictures and videos for our blogs, mine are usually very different from Jon’s.

“I’ll trade you, Jon said, showing me the photo of the cats on his iPhone.  “The cats for the picture you took yesterday of me and Fate”.

I’m not sure how that works, if the picture becomes a collaboration because I spotted it and Jon took it.  And I imagine, if I took the picture myself it would have been slightly different.

But if it’s about the picture and sharing it on my blog, I guess it doesn’t matter that much.  And, ultimately,  we both got what we wanted.

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