Our Latest Podcast: Fate Becomes A Therapy Dog and Tiny Pricks

Mary, Alice Carol and Fate, doing her therapy work,  at The Mansion

We ran out of time, but got to two of the topics we wanted to talk about in our latest Podcast, (which you can listen to here),  Fate becoming a Therapy Dog and my participation in the  Tiny Pricks Project.

The third topic, that we didn’t get to, is Panic Attacks.

So this is our first two-part podcast.  Tomorrow we’ll pick up where we left off today and talk about our experiences having and helping each other, when we have a panic attack.  We’re hoping this will be helpful to other people who also have panic attacks.

I love that Fate has this new  therapy work to do.  I’m glad she and Jon get to do it together and  think it’s good for everyone involved.

We also talk a about the Tiny Pricks Project, started by Diana Weymar,  which has given me another creative way to deal with  my feelings about the Trump presidency.  One that is collaborative and in my opinion, divinely  feminine.

(You can see the piece I made for the Tiny Pricks Project here.)

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