Minnie And The Black-eyed Susan

I try to keep up with the weeds growing between the slate on the back porch.  I know they’re making soil of the old cement that keeps each slate in its place.

But the Black-eyed Susan seemed to grow inches each day, I didn’t have the heart to pluck it out.

Every since I saw the bud a few days ago, I’ve been waiting for it to bloom, thinking it was a bit of a miracle.  I know those Black-eyed Susan’s seem to be able to grow almost anywhere, but this one was at even more of a disadvantage, since its being a post and never gets any direct sunlight  and it’s in a place where, dogs, cats, chickens and humans are likely to step on it.

But none of us did and when I saw the flower this morning, I noticed that Minnie seemed as interesting in it as I was.

Who knows, maybe she’s been waiting for it to bloom too.

6 thoughts on “Minnie And The Black-eyed Susan

  1. Minnie looks like she’s “stopping to smell the roses”. Only in this case, a Black-eyed Susan. The real star of the photo however, is the flower. I love plants that grow in unexpected places, like trees on rocky cliffs and flowers in cement cracks. It’s like they’re saying ‘this is where I choose to be, so don’t mess with me.’

  2. How delightful to see Minnie enjoying the Black-eyed Susan! That is our MD state flower! Before I retired, I taught art in a school near Pimlico Racetrack where the Preakness stakes is held ( 2nd leg of the triple crown). For a number of years the schools in the area participated in an art contest based on the race. Since it is such a big deal in our area, they had some suggested ideas for items to be included in the pictures, 1 of which was-you guessed it- the Black-eyed Susan! Many of my kids had never seen one, so I went & bought a silky from the craft store to add to my props for them. That was a big help & we had winners every year! By the way, I have always brought cut flowers into my house & shared the “pretties” with my dachsies!

    1. Ah, the Black Eyed Susan is a winner. I bet everyone of those kids in your class who drew them never forgot them. it’s a great introduction for them. Sounds like you were a great teacher Heidi!

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