Picking Berries With Carol

Carol with blueberries and Star

The sky was filled with clouds and thunder rumbled in the distance as Carol and I picked blueberries and raspberries from the bushes in her yard. We filled three quart-sized yogurt containers and ate a ton of berries too.

Carol’s horse, Star, munched grass behind us and her llama, Vanilla,  came out for a while to watch us.

A couple of months ago Carol was thrown from Star when she startled.  Until recently Carol could only walk short distances and had to use a walker.   But today the dye buckets that Carols uses to make her batiks were back outside, waiting to be used again.

Usually Carol sets up her “outside studio” in the spring, but this year, because of her injury, she hasn’t been able to do much work.   A friend helped her haul the buckets up from the basement where she keeps them for the winter.  I know the next time I visit Carol, I’ll see some of her batiks drying on the line, or waiting to be dyed.

Check out Carol’s work here,  on her website AmityFarmBatik.  It’s worth seeing.  She has original art and also transforms her batiks into functional art, printing it on everything from cutting boards to clothing.

I’ve had the opportunity to watch Carol create her batiks.  It’s really quite magical.  Carol has a video of it on her blog, you can watch it by clicking  here.




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