Bud Where He Shouldn’t Be

Bud, loves to eat things he shouldn’t.

Just yesterday he was laid up all morning, with an upset stomach.  So we try to keep him away from the things and places that smell really good to him, but really aren’t good for him at all.

One of the places he likes to spend a lot of time is behind my studio. It’s where the cats poop and is home to at least one woodchuck.  I’m not sure what else goes on back there.

So a while ago I put up a two foot high chicken wire fence.  After that I would watch Bud stand in front of the fence, patiently watching what was going on behind it.  It seemed to do the job of keeping him out.

Until a few days ago when I called him and saw him come running from behind my studio and jump over the chickenwire fence.

That’s when I put up the bright orange snow fence.  I thought he would see it as a barricade, something that he couldn’t get past.

It only took a few days for Bud to realize the snow fence was only stapled onto the side of my studio and tied along the top with a string.

If he ever took it seriously as a barricade, he must have forgotten all about it when he saw  or smelled something more enticing on the other side of it and, instinct taking over,  just jumped into it.   The fence  ripped off the side of my studio and Bud was back in.

Now it’s my turn again.

This weekend I’ll put up a three or four foot tall chicken wire fence, and cross my fingers…


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