Flying Free Continued…

Flying Free

I just finished designing my latest quilt, which I’m calling Flying Free.  It’s just what the insects on it seem to be doing.  And after my latest bout with anxiety, it’s kind of how I’m feeling right now.

I wish the iridescence of the blue/green and brown/orange fabric showed up in the photo.  But it’s the way the light plays on it that makes it shimmer.  The same way that light makes an insects wings shimmer.

Also the brown patterned fabric almost vibrates to the naked eye, and has sparkles in it too.

This all adds to the illusion of movement that I was hoping for.

I’ve had several people ask about buying this quilt.  When that happens I give first choice to the first person to ask and so on.  I always wait till I’m done with the quilt and send a photo to the interested person.  Because when I start working on a quilt, it may look very different by the time I finish it and it may not be what the person expected.

I still have to back and tack Flying Free.   I’ll work on that next week. And I have a few potholders in mind too.  It’s been a while since I’ve made any.

I sometimes think that making potholders is  like reading a few short stories after finishing one book and before starting another.

2 thoughts on “Flying Free Continued…

  1. Maria you have outdone yourself. I confess I am so jealous of the lucky soul who owns this. It is so full of harmony and warmth. For some reason it seems musical to me. A symphony of shape and colour perfectly orchestrated. Take a bow maestro!

    1. I’ve never heard anyone say a quilt of mine was musical before Rose. What a wonderful thing that is! Now I can’t stop smiling….

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